NPC Cards – Dragon+ “Insane NPCs”

The new Dragon+ issue is out and includes a sum of amazing and totally insane NPCs devised and suggested by the community! They are presented with illustrations and background info. As you imagine, I could not resist making them into NPC cards and using them in campaign. Continue reading “NPC Cards – Dragon+ “Insane NPCs””

Mapping Sheet – Darklake Random Encounters (OotA)

Similar to the “Underdark Mapping sheet” this is a sheet I made for preparing the path ahead for the players in the Chapter 3 Darklake Random Encounters. You can track, terrain and creatures on a daily basis (every 4 hours) as well as pursuit level and vessel HP. If by any chance players decide to head backwards (which is unlikely in this chapter – though there is always the maze engine!) you will have a handy record of their previous path.

Continue reading “Mapping Sheet – Darklake Random Encounters (OotA)”