DM’s Kit – OotA – Random Encounter Battle Maps

Hello fellow DMs! Its been a busy year but finally I got something great for you!

This is a collection of 25 battle maps that I designed for the Out of the Abyss Module. They can be used for Random Encounters throughout the adventure but can also be used for any other adventure set in the Underdark or a similar subterranean environment.


  • Underdark Random Encounters
  • The Darklake Random Encounters
  • The Silken Paths Random Encounters

Technical Features

  • Traditional 1″ battle grid (1/60 scale – 5ft. grid)
  • Print Ready (100% scale in ISO A2 / ANSI C / ARCHC)
  • Home Print Ready (100% scale on A4/A3 multiple paper sheets!) UPDATE!
  • Compatible with Roll20 (21×15 units)
  • Compatible with Fantasy Grounds


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You can get the bundle in DM’s Guild by clicking the image bellow.


Thank you for your support!

If you like my work please consider donating!

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