Druid Spell Sheet – by DM John Bard

This is a Druid Spell Sheet I made for a player in my group. It includes all spells from PhB and Elemental Evil Player’s Companion.

The character sheet is designed to print in A4 paper.




If you like my work please consider donating!

3 thoughts on “Druid Spell Sheet – by DM John Bard

  1. Hey John! This is propably the best looking spell sheet for druids that I have come across so far. It’s of course a bit outdated now 5 years later after XGE and Tasha etc. Would be awesome if you had the time to make an updated version of this! I know it’s a tight fit so maybe reducing cantrip section to 4 empty lines for players to fill themselves would help fitting the new spells? Making the borders of the A4 smaller could also give more room to play with.

    (Personally I would replace the page references from the sheet with Casting time but I don’t mind it either)


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