5e Character Sheet – by DM John Bard (Update 2018)

This is the generic version of my Character Sheet!

It is based on my Rage Of Demons sheet found here. The character sheet is designed to print in A4 paper.

Printable   –   Fillable



Update 1: Fixed printable link (fillable ccs oming soon)

Update 2 (2018): Fillable Form Adeed!



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17 thoughts on “5e Character Sheet – by DM John Bard (Update 2018)

  1. Holy smokes! Seriously, I love this character sheet! Most of what’s out there custom is either ho-hum on design, or isn’t concise enough. This is perfect! My players are about to run through The Curse of Strahd, and the extra space in the top right of the first page is just the place to drop their Sanity Score. LOL

    One question though, when I went out to DM’s Guild and bought the form-fillable version of this particular design, it wasn’t the same as the printable one. For instance, the space for Spell Save DC and Spell Attack Bonus weren’t anywhere on the first page.

    Would it be possible to get a copy of that version out there somewhere. Worth every penny!


  2. This is great. What is the intended use of the unnamed little box in the top right above the limited features box and left of the ability save DC box?


  3. Did you ever make a form-fillable version? I like this lay-out better than “Current Standard 1.4” but I pretty much only use form-fillable PDFs. And yours looks beautiful, with all the right info.


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