Character Sheet – Rage of Demons (Updated 2018)

Hello people! Today I bring you a 3-page Character Sheet I ‘ve been working on for the last couple of weeks.

This Sheet is made specifically for Rage of Demons and Out of the Abyss to fit my campaign. It is based on the original sheet by WotC, but has a lot of extra stuff including madness tracking. The character sheet is designed to print in A4 paper.

notes on inspiration: I use a special gold dice I hand out to players for the inspiration, so i did not include a dedicated box for tracking it.
notes on alignment: In my OotA campaign PC alignment is hidden for RP purposes,  that’s why the area has this cool ink splash! 😛
notes on form-fillable pdf: This form-fillable pdf was made by Jeremy L Wunders

Update 10/21: Fixed borken links (Fillable coming soon)

Update 2018: Fillable coming soon)

Let me know what you think!

Printable   –   Fillable



– design update
– design update
– added inspiration and ability save dc 
– form fillable file by Jeremy L Wunders
– fixed spelling errors
– fixed spelling errors

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22 thoughts on “Character Sheet – Rage of Demons (Updated 2018)

  1. Love the character sheet, and will be implementing it this week with my hapless half-orc wizard (who somehow hasn’t gone insane and died…yet). I, too, would be interested in a fillable version, if you happen to have the time and inclination to make one, but this one is excellent!

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  2. I tried to form-fill the OotA one and it seems like the ability score fields are not editable. The bonuses below them are. It’s possible the issue is on my end, I’m using ubuntu, so not an official acrobat reader. Does anyone else see the same thing?


      1. I’m seeing the opposite problem. I’m able to set the modifier, but not the ability score. If it’s working for you, it’s probably just on my end though.


      1. Ah, that’s backwards from how I’ve been filling these out before, though I’ve probably been doing it wrong! It doesn’t actually run the calculation in my poor pdf tool (evince), but when I load it in Chrome, it updates, so it does indeed work.


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